Dec 24, 2022 • 1HR 37M

A Lecture by George Ohsawa from 1965

On The Failure Of Occidental Science On The Study Of Matter

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Celebrating A Macrobiotic Life Of Gratitude
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George Ohsawa, Summer of 1965, California - photo by Jacques De Langre

Tears Of Gratitude Podcast

Episode 4

December 23, 2022

“George Ohsawa On The Failure Of Occidental Science On The Study Of Matter.”

I am happy to introduce you to the THIRD of three audio recordings done by Jacques De Langre in the 1960s. What follows is a very rare recording of George Ohsawa giving a lecture at the Macrobiotic Summer Camp in California in 1965. The recording captures most of the lecture in it’s entirety and starts shortly after the lecture begins. The full recording lasts about one hour and 34 minutes.

The recording begins with Ohsawa introducing a recently published (1962) LIFE Science Book on MATTER, written by Ralph E. Lapp, a renowned nuclear physicist of the time. Ohsawa spends the entire lecture discussing the content of this book and of Occidental Modern Science in general and contrasts it with ancient Oriental philosophy and his Unique Principle.

This recording offers a rare glimpse into the actual dynamics of Ohsawa’s teachings, how he engages and critiques his audience and expresses his line of thinking. My full analysis of this lecture and it’s impact will be forthcoming and made available to read and comment here on “Tears Of Gratitude” for paid subscribers only.

For some, Ohsawa may be difficult to understand due to his accent and occasional interjection of French words (French was his second language and English was his third). A full transcript will be made available to paid subscribers of “Tears Of Gratitude” newsletter. If you wish to receive this transcript then please upgrade your subscription.